This course is wonderful for people who:

  • Want to further develop their meditation practice by developing an awareness of energy

  • Are interested in the nature of healing and spiritual arts

  • Work with others in the areas of health, healing and service

What You'll Receive

  • Video Lessons

    3 hours of video content with detailed slides and full video transcripts.

  • Energy Healing Practices

    Guided meditations and energy healing practices that will help you freshen and uplift the energy in your life.

  • Worksheets

    Worksheets with reflective questions and hands-on exercises to help you integrate the teachings from each module.

Hi, I’m Sura

I began practicing meditation while working in the investment world of Wall Street because I was constantly stressed.

I felt empty and unfulfilled. Meditation changed my mindset and way of life so profoundly that I left New York to study meditation in Asia. For over a decade, I have been sharing meditation with others and training professionals around the globe. With extensive experience in both the spiritual and business world, I understand the demands of daily life and how to guide you practically in cultivating calm and resilience. I look forward to sharing this course with you!