Take your first steps toward teaching meditation

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Easily explain what meditation is and its benefits.

  • Guide a 10-minute calming meditation with confidence.

  • Integrate energy healing and coaching into your teaching.

Join us LIVE March 5th, 2024

We'll meet online each Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM PST (2 hr sessions)

  • Live Webinar Stream (pre-recorded) + LIVE Q&A Tuesdays
  • Live Group Practice and Q&A Sessions Thursdays
  • Receive 1-year access to the course materials
    You will also receive a replay video if you aren't able to attend live.
  • What's included in your 4-week training

    Receive the benefit of deepening your own meditation practice by sharing with others.

    • 4 Webinar Trainings

      Learn 2 meditation styles, how to integrate energy healing and meditation, and receive meditation coaching tools for deep healing.

    • 4 Practice + Q&A Sessions

      Get LIVE hands-on practice guiding meditation 1:1 and in small groups, plus demonstrations and time for Q&A.

    • Weekly Homework

      Integrate the curriculum with daily meditation and weekly assignments, including writing and guiding your own meditations.

    • Private Facebook Community

      Connect with your fellow trainees as you complete your 40-hour training to share insights, a-ha moments, and personal breakthroughs.

    • 1-Year Access to the Materials

      Return to your training at your own pace to refresh your knowledge and continue your journey after the 4-week live training concludes.

    Enjoy the Perks of Being a Meditation Teacher & Coach

  • Create your own schedule - enjoy work-life balance, set your own hours & work as much or as little as you like.

  • Work from anywhere - Your business goes where you do, teach online, in person, or over the phone.

  • Teach 1:1, groups, courses, or lead retreats - you can even bring your training into your corporate job.
  • Learn the Essentials of Guiding Meditation

    You'll also receive handouts & bonuses:

  • Sample script + PDF for Guiding Meditation + Meditation Tracker.
  • Bonus course: How to Teach Meditation Minicourse & Workbook.
  • Bonus course: How to Expand Your Business Online ($97 value)
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

    When you successfully complete all of the lessons, practices and homework, you will receive a 40-hour training certificate.

    Hi, I’m Sura

    I began practicing meditation while working in the investment world of Wall Street because I was constantly stressed.

    Meditation changed my mindset and way of life so profoundly that I left New York to study meditation in Asia. With 16 years of teaching and coaching experience, I've crafted a simple 3 step approach to meditation that is universal and accessible to all. I look forward to sharing these tools with you so that you can empower yourself and others to alleviate stress and foster calm.
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    Here's what our previous students have say

    “It was the most amazing spiritual journey I have been on so far. Learning how to ground, connect, and center myself through guided meditation and the energy healing component was actually what was missing from my own practice. I can't wait to go out there and change lives. I am set for life.”

    Corina Pall

    “The rich content is deeply comprehensive, thorough, and unique tied to Sura's journey and personal stories of self healing and growth. Sura is very professional, yet her gentle feminine energy makes you feel held and supported in your journey, as absorb and learn how to become a meditation coach.”

    Shilpa, Meditation Coach

    “ I looked high and low for a training program like this, and I’m so delighted I took part. This training took me on a journey into myself, and by getting to know myself better, I came away better equipped to serve my clients. I could not have designed a more ideal training scenario– bravo Sura!”

    Meredith Klein

    “It has revealed patterns in my behaviour that I had buried deep beneath something that I had been calling "strength" and has helped me take action to focus on myself and allow myself to be softer. The training has also helped me feel empowered in my meditation guiding. It has helped me hone my message, pick up on subtleties in the group's energy and to speak with more confidence.”

    Stef Bourke

    “The program allowed me to stretch my horizons and find my purpose in life. It allowed me to explore my inner soul and find peace and harmony through extensive meditation and mindfulness practices. It allowed me to become the coach I was destined to be. This program has profoundly changed my life for the better.”

    Robin S. Ivany

    “Participating in the training program has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life. Sura is incredibly gifted. After studying with her, I have become more insightful, gained greater clarity and feel better equipped to help others.”

    Dana Rodriquez