Learn effortless meditation starting with 5 minutes a day.

21 Guided Meditations

Aloha means peace, love and compassion. To the native Hawaiians, it is the force that holds together all of existence. As part of this challenge, you’ll receive our 21-day course Meditation for Relaxation (worth $197 for free). It includes high-quality streaming guided meditation videos and instruction.

Your 21-Day Course Includes

  • 2 LIVE Talks Per Week

  • 3 Daily Journal Prompts

  • 21 Daily Guided Meditations

What You'll Receive

Each week you will receive 2 LIVE talks where you can deepen your practice, receive meditation coaching and ask Sura questions.

Every Tues & Thurs at 11AM HST | Join LIVE by
  • Week 1 : Relaxation - Learn how to release tension and create inner-flow to prepare for a grounded seated practice.

  • Week 2 : Awareness - Learn the basics of heart-centered awareness meditation and how to receive guidance through listening.

  • Week 3 : Intention - Learn how to apply energy cultivation from meditation to heal, manifest and create your deepest desires

Aloha, I’m Sura.

A Meditation Coach & Trainer on the Northshore of Kauai.

I invite you to learn an effortless meditation approach where you can get in touch with your inner-guidance, energy and heartfelt intentions. Currently I host trainings worldwide for leaders and teachers. We specialize in combining meditation together with energy healing and coaching. If you’d like to learn more about my work, visit: We hope you’ll join us for this dynamic meditation challenge!

Join me LIVE, starting May 12th

We'll meet online each Tuesday and Thursday at 11 AM HST

On our LIVE calls:
  • Receive Meditation Coaching
  • Learn how to manage your energy
  • Receive tools to start your practice